Mastermind Group

Our goal is to create a Mastermind Group of like-minded Millionaires who are actively changing the world for the better. They are willing to dedicate some of their time, talents, and resources to humanitarian causes such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, liberating the captive, and administering relief to the sick and afflicted. Yes, we recognize that this might seem overly altruistic, but that’s our prerogative. Some journalists call this Venture Philanthropy. We do not necessarily expect you to create your own Foundation or Social Venture Fund, but we do expect you to do something and get involved somehow. The details are up to you.

In order for us to accomplish our goal, if you are like-minded with our purpose, then we are willing to show you how to become a millionaire… we are willing to share with you some specialized knowledge, which, when applied in precisely the right way, could generate hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars of passive income to you, for years to come: Financial Intelligence leading to Total Financial Independence. As long as you have the right kind of heart, we’ll show you how to generate the funds to start.

What we get out of this is seeing our philanthropic efforts multiplied a hundred fold, and perhaps even a thousand fold. Talents are more valuable than time. Time is more valuable than money. Freeing up your time and talents for humanitarian projects simply requires some financial intelligence, so that you can generate the money.

By joining us and becoming a member of our “Mastermind Group”, you can reap the rewards of over $250,000 of research and a decade’s worth of experience in alternative investments, including venture capital, private equity, oil and gas investing, trading currencies and stock options, commercial real estate investing, and attending the best business schools in the world!

Compounding Returns

When you downloaded and read through our Free Report, you got the basics. Now it is time to stretch your mind. In the “How To Achieve Total Financial Freedom” report we used the conservative assumption of 36% non-compounded returns in our analysis. Now, we will show you the value of shortening the amount of time it takes to double your money, by assuming a 72% non-compounded rate of return from this point forward (your actual returns may be better or may be worse, and may fluctuate from year to year). As noted previously, Albert Einstein reportedly called compounding interest “the most powerful force in the universe.” While credit card companies seek to use this force against you, we show you how to apply it in your favor.

What is the value of a 10 point increase in your rate of return?

Below is the formula for calculating it. This is the financial formula for calculating intra-year compounding rates of returns for multiple years, straight from our Finance Textbooks at the Wharton School [Notice how the number of compounding periods is in the exponent]. Example: How much would you have in 10 years if you invested $100K today at an APR of 72%, compounded monthly?

(We realize that not everybody has had to deal with large numbers before, so as we go through these numbers, if it hurts your head to think this big at this point, then take away one of the zeros and just assume you’re only starting $10K instead of $100K.)

diagram 2 Details
The table below demonstrates the magnitude of the effect of a 10 point increase in the rate of return, assuming the return is compounded monthly for 10 years on a starting amount of $100K (part of what we will share with you, once you become a Member our Mastermind Group, are the names of the professional traders we have found who have track records of generating such returns).

Varied Returns Chart Details

Let’s make some sense out of these numbers. For every 10 point increase in your rate of return, you get 2.5 times richer than you otherwise would be. On your $100K initial investment, if you simply earned a 20% return instead of just a 10% return, you would have over $700K instead of just over $250K, a difference of over $400,000 dollars.

On the other hand, if you figured out how to get a 40% return instead of the 20% return, you would have over $5 Million instead of just $700 Thousand, which is a difference of over $4 Million dollars!

And if you figured out how to get a 60% return instead of a 40% return, you would have over $34 Million dollars instead of just over $5 Million, which is a difference of almost $30 Million Dollars, without your personally doing any extra work! That’s money working for you, instead of you working for money. See how a few carefully made decisions, using specialized knowledge, can make a dramatic difference, for generations to come!

The simple act of moving from a 60% return to a 70% return results in an additional $55 million dollars. That is the potential value of a 10 point increase in your rate of return, thanks to compounding.

Just think about how many people’s lives you can impact for good with an additional $30 million to $55 million dollars, just because you learned how to make money work for you!

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”

-Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

So, how valuable is this information we are sharing with you? It all depends on how big you can think. If you are a small thinker, you’re not the type of person we want to work with. If you think in orders of magnitude, then we might be willing to welcome you into our “Mastermind Group.”

Due Diligence

Obviously, the key ingredient in the investment model is having professional traders working for you, who can generate returns of over 72% per year on a consistent basis. Our quest for our own investments has been to find the top 1% of professional traders who do not trade exclusively for some large financial institution. These are not mere investment analysts who appear as talking heads on TV and write subscription newsletters. Instead they are traders who have their own money in the market and are willing to trade other people’s money, too. They might trade stocks, stock options, exchange traded funds (ETFs), commodity futures, or the foreign exchange market (forex). There are a lot of very, very good traders out there who do not work for the big institutions. The process to separate the scammers from the producers, the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, is to perform thorough due diligence: a thorough screening. Here is how the traders are vetted for performance, experience, money management / risk management, and consistency.

  1. Trader provides at least a 3 year track record of live trades in an account, with the ability for the due diligence team to verify those account statements (some track records go back 10 to 15 years).

  2. Trader has to show a 75% – 100% non-compounded return in that account for each year, consistently.

  3. Trader has to have 10 years or more experience in trading different kinds of markets: oscillating markets, flat markets, trending markets, recession markets, crashing markets.

  4. Due diligence team does background checks with the SEC, NFA, and CFTC to check for licensing and complaints.

  5. Due diligence team verifies each trade in the account statement: Recreates each trade as if it were live and verifies that trades taken could have functionally been taken, entry points and exit points were accurate, to verify the legitimacy of the track record and that each trade could have been taken with those results.

  6. Due diligence team gets detailed trading rules, methodology and money management strategy in written form, such that they can apply those rules in a system of their own. Establishes that the trader is not an emotional trader, but has a calculated formula for getting into and out of trades.

  7. For 6 months to 1 year, due diligence team receives the trade signals and executes the trade recommendations in a live market, based on the money management strategy. This verifies that the trading system is exactly as was explained, and confirms ability to recreate a performance similar to the trader.

  8. Due diligence team re-evaluates each program each month, to see if the trading system can still generate 75% to 100% non-compounded returns in the projected macro-economic environment of the next 18 months.

  9. Due diligence team makes sure that there is enough liquidity in the market that the trader is in, so that their placing more money per trade will not affect the return potential over the next 5 years as the account sizes grow.

  10. Trader has to have at least 3 people on their team that can implement the trading system in the absence of the key trader, to control for key man risk.

Managed Accounts vs Other Structures

You might wonder we we prefer to access the services of these professional traders through Managed Accounts instead of through something more conventional like a Mutual Fund or a Hedge Fund. The graphic below illustrates why…

Managed Acct Details

Investment Model Strategies

Below is a review of 4 different income Strategies that can be implemented using the investment model. Each illustration assumes starting with $100k of investment capital, for simplicity purposes.

1) Wealth Creation Strategy: Reinvesting all profits

2) Income Strategy: Withdrawing all profits for monthly income

3) Hybrid Strategy: Reinvesting 50% of the profits & Withdrawing 50% of the profits for monthly income

4) Nest Egg Creation Strategy: Obtain Unsecured Lines of Business Credit (Assumes $20K); Keep out a portion as an interest reserve for making interest payments; Withdraw 100% of the profits to repay line of credit; Then reinvest 100% of the profits after repaying line of credit

diagram 3 Details

diagram 4 Details

Passive Income Strategy Visual Details

Passive Income Strategy Analysis II Details

Hybrid Income Strategy Visual Details

Hybrid Income Strategy Analysis Details

Nest Egg Creation Strategy Visual Details

Nest Egg Creation Strategy Analysis Details
You can create multiple accounts, each with a different Investment Model Strategy, according to your needs, wants, and desires.

What’s in it for us?

What’s our motive for sharing this with you? This is our way of giving back. Investing is our passion… we think about it when we wake up in the morning and dream about it after going to bed. That is why we’re so good at it. Teaching others about wealth creation is fun for us, and we feel it is one of the highest and best uses of our time, talents, and resources. By doing this, we want to create a Mastermind Group of like minded multi-millionaires, because once you are financially independent, we want you to help us help others in different ways, ways that we never thought of. More specifically, we want you to do things like feed the hungry, clothe the naked, liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and afflicted, in the ways that you feel are the highest and best use of your time, talents, and resources.

We can make a small impact on our own, but we want to grow that impact exponentially, through helping you adopt a similar vision of giving back and helping others. Our thesis is that if we show you how to make money work for you, then you no longer have to trade your time for money. Time is more valuable than money. You will then have time to help others who really need it, and have humanitarian funds to contribute as well. Just like we are leveraging other people’s time, talents and resources in our investment model, this is our way to leverage your time, your talents and your resources in our “giving back” model. Make sense?

Here’s why we are thinking so big… there are over 95 million people who have given up looking for employment in the U.S. alone, who have dependents that rely on them.

These people have desire and skills to work, but they no longer have income to provide for their families. Over 163 million Americans currently rely on some sort of government benefit just to make ends meet. If the the sovereign debt crisis were to cause funding for these programs to dry up, then we would have a true crisis of magnitudes on our hands, almost overnight. The economic human casualties would be enormous. Outside the U.S., the situation is hundreds of times worse. It’s not only Bill Gates or Warren Buffett who can make a difference. We believe that YOU can make a difference, too! We want you to be able to contribute both time and money.

We will not give you a fish, but will teach you how to create a fish farm. The model is shockingly simple, but most people like to make things overly complicated, so they waste their time doing things that take more work and are less effective. For financial independence, they continually search for a higher paying job, or great real estate deals, or dive into multi-level marketing, or become day traders. They’re not financially independent, because they still have to trade their time for money. And the money isn’t that great, anyways, so they mostly just spend it on themselves.

Our Background

The key to creating wealth is to control assets that generate a high return on investment, thus creating income. The key to growing wealth is to have those returns be compounded frequently. The assets that generate the returns can be buildings, businesses, or other things. Our experience in venture capital taught us that start-ups take a lot of hand holding in order to be successful and create the big return, but the returns are not compounded very frequently. Our experience in private equity taught us that you can only squeeze so much blood out of a turnip. Our experience in oil and gas investing taught us that the water is full of sharks, from the geologists to the operators to the promoters. It, too, may be very profitable, but you risk loosing an arm or a leg in the process. Our experience in trading currencies and stock options taught us that it is no fun to be sitting in front of the trading screens all day, even though it can be very profitable. Our experience in commercial real estate taught us that it takes considerable resources to manage the asset, there is no compounding of returns, and the returns are subject to the whims of lenders. What we learned from the best business schools in the world is to analyze thoroughly, master the details, utilize leverage, and always think about the big picture.

As you can see, our experience moved us from higher risk assets to lower risk assets, and from assets that require a lot of time manage to assets that require less time to manage. Our ultimate goal was total financial independence, to no longer have to trade time for money, to create a business model/ investment model that did not require hardly any of our time, no employees to manage, no headache to run, maximized the exponential effect of compounding returns, and could produce annual net passive income up to $1 Million or more within 5 to 10 years. The resulting model/system is simple, yet elegant and highly effective.

The Model

This model minimizes your personal risk and maximizes your return. This model is not common knowledge and it took us over 10 years to fine tune it. Identifying the “assets” was like finding a needle in a haystack, but now that we know where the needles are, it is easy for us to point them out to you. Its all about controlling the levers of “mass of capital” and “rate of return”. Once you learn how to do that, the future is in your hands.

Do you have to be a US citizen to do this? No! In fact, non-US citizens have less regulation to deal with and can therefore implement the investment model faster and at a lower cost.

Do you have to live in the US? No. You can access both the professional traders and the NPG funding from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Is it free? No. In life, nothing is free. We want to weed out the tire-kickers and we want you to have some skin in the game, to be committed to the process. Therefore, we’ll charge you a registration fee to join the Financial Freedom Foundation, so that you have something at risk and are committed to the process and to exercising financial discipline. If you cannot commit to that, then we won’t accept your money and we won’t let you into our Mastermind. The laws of wealth creation are simple, and their most efficient application is simple, too. However, if you are not disciplined in applying them, then you will create poverty for yourself instead of wealth, and that will not help us accomplish our goal. Our goal is to create a small group of multi-millionaires, so we are only going to accept a limited number of people.

Membership Registration Fee

Our Gold Level Membership Registration Fee is one-time payment $9,997, then just $97 per month after that. If you have ever been exposed to the circuit of real estate seminars and other investment seminars, then you’ll recognize that after the introductory seminars and bootcamps, the other “gurus” charge from $25,000 to $60,000 for their “Inner Circle” and “Platinum Coaching” programs. Compared to that, we are grossly underpriced. The biggest difference, however, is that with us you get results, not just hot air.

When you are at the Gold Level, you get the hand-holding. This starts with a 1-on-1 Mastermind Session where we analyze your current starting point and then create a fast-track to not just the $100k Passive Income, but to quickly get you to the $1M mark so that you can then get access to Level 2 Managed Buy/Sell Programs that pay 20% per month or more. 20% per month on $1M is $200k per month.

In addition, we realize that come credit card companies put a limit on your max allowable purchase. To accommodate those situations, we have a two-installment option, where you make part of the payment now, and the other part in 30 days. You’ll notice these options when you click on the Join Now button at the top right hand side of this page.

Now that you know the potential value of a 10 point increase in your rate of return, you see that our Registration Fee is very low compared to the resulting value created. What we care about more than the fee is the number of people affected for good by the time and resources shared by the members of our Mastermind Group.

Seeing that a non-compounded 72% return on $100K equals about $400 passive income per day ($100k/yr ÷ 50 work weeks/yr ÷ 5 days/work week = $400/day), here’s a way to estimate the cost of waiting… Every day of delay is costing you about $400 in lost income. In an 8 hour workday, that equals $50 per hour! Delay a week and you’ve lost out on $2,000 of income that should have been yours! When compounding of returns is involved, procrastination is your worst enemy.


How do I register? How do I join? Registration consists of paying the Membership Registration Fee using the “Join Now” button at the top right of this page. At the end of the checkout process you will complete a New Member Application Form. We will not work with just anybody, and reserve the right to reject any application, at our sole discretion. After you complete the New Member Application for we will schedule a 1-on-1 Mastermind Session with you (for Gold members). An important part of the 1-on-1 Mastermind Session is to figure out your Customized Blueprint, your own personalized Financial Freedom Plan.

Is it guaranteed? We are confident that since our model works for us, it will work for you, too. We have a 60 day money-back guarantee, to make it risk-free for you to prove to yourself that we are the real deal.

Are there additional costs? We’re not here to up-sell you on boot camps, workshops, coaching, or on any one else’s programs. For those who need the services of professional service providers we referenced earlier, you will have to pay their service fees. We will give you the contact info for those professional service providers who 1) Get unsecured business lines of credit, 2) Improve your credit score, 3) Convert your cash into cashflow through trading, and 4) structure entities for asset protection after you become a Member, but it is up to you whether or not you want to use them. The Personal Money Management System was developed internally, so we can give that to you for free, after you become a Member of our Mastermind Group.

Do I have to use other people’s money (OPM)? No. If you have $100,000 or more and are willing to take a personal risk, you can use your own money. Also, if you have a critical mass of capital ($100K or more) in your IRA, you can even apply our investment model within your IRA. We suggest you roll it over into a self-directed Roth IRA, though, because of the size of the returns you will be generating. We have a specialist that we work with who can help you with that. Just ask us during our phone interview after you submit your Membership Application Form.

Is this a Ponzi scheme? No. Ponzi schemes are 1) centrally controlled, 2) unable to validate exactly how the returns are generated, because they require money from new investors to create artificial returns for the existing investors. We detest Ponzi schemes, and all Pyramid schemes, for that matter. In fact, it is impossible to run a Ponzi Scheme with the managed account structures that we use for our trading accounts, because you, the investor, retain complete control, transparency, and liquidity.

Managed investment accounts are not centrally controlled. With managed investment accounts, your money is not pooled with any one else’s money. Instead, your money remains at all times in your own brokerage account, which you alone control and have access to. No one else will have any access to your funds.

Furthermore, you have absolute, complete transparency… you can see each and every trade before it is even placed, and you can access your trading statement online at any time to see the results of each and every trade, which demonstrate exactly how the returns in your account were generated.

Is this a get rich quick scheme? No. This is get rich slow, for it will take time for the laws of wealth creation to take their effect. Now, due to the power of compounding returns, once you hit a critical mass, your speed of wealth creation can be mind blowing, as you saw in the investment strategy analysis. By carefully applying some highly specialized knowledge, in precisely the right way, a wise decision made now could generate millions and millions of dollars of income to you, for multiple generations. After putting the model in motion, your biggest task will be paying your income taxes every year, but we’d rather pay taxes on $1,000,000 of income rather than on $100,000 of income, wouldn’t you?

And remember, of that $1,000,000 of income, you don’t have to pay taxes on the portion that you give away to help feed the hungry, clothe the naked, liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and afflicted. Who knows, due to your philanthropic activities, maybe you will end up paying taxes on only $100,000 of income after all, but you’ll be all the better person for it. (Check with your tax adviser for details on the tax consequences of charitable contributions in your particular tax situation.)

Next Step

We realize this sounds too good to be true, but it is good and it is true. If you want to join us, Click on the “Join Now” button on the top right of this page to join us.

1) After making pay the Membership Registration Fee, you will be directed to our New Member Application Form and be given your Username and Password so that you can login to the F3 Mastermind Group Members Only Website, with each of the resources you need to put these wealth building concepts into practice in the most accelerated way possible.

2) If you join at the Gold Level, then after completing the New Membership Application Form, you will be contacted to schedule a 1-on-1 Mastermind Session.

Once we feel that our Mastermind is sufficiently large to accomplish our goal in a manageable format, we won’t accept anyone else. Our livelihood does not come from the registration fees, but from the success of our investment model.

Our goal is to create a Mastermind Group of like minded Millionaires who are actively engaged in changing the world for the better, using hyper-efficient solutions. If you are willing to contribute both time and philanthropic funds to help feed the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothe the naked, create shelter for the homeless, liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and afflicted, then we look forward to you joining us.

Again, click on the “Join Now” button at the upper right of this page to join us. After paying the Membership Registration Fee, you will be directed to a New Member Application Form and be given your login for the F3 Mastermind Group Members Only Website. If you joined at the Gold Level, then after completing the New Member Application Form you will be contacted to schedule the 1-on-1 Mastermind Session.

Benefits of joining our Mastermind Group

  1. 1-on-1 Mastermind Session culminating in a Customized Blue-Print to generate $100K passive income within 12 months and to become a Multi-Millionaire within 5 to 10 years

  2. Access to our private Rolodex of some of the strongest performing professional traders we have found, with historical performances such as:
    • ETF results: 72.2% per year
      Stock Option results: 133.3% per year
      Stock results: 211.08% per year
  3. Get introductions to the brokerage firms who are already familiar with the traders methodologies and already have systems in place to do managed accounts and auto-trades.

  4. Hand-holding guidance on how to set up the managed accounts.

  5. Access our private sources for Personally Guaranteed and Non-Personally Guaranteed Funding, some with 0% interest for 6 to 18 months, and some with NO UP FRONT FEES, so that you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding over time!

  6. Access an ingenious Downside Scenario Plan, so that you know exactly what to do if the feathers hit the fan. Gain access to resources you never even knew existed.

  7. Receive an ingenious Personal Money Management System that provides for disciplined application of wealth creation principles.

  8. Access our Members Only Website that provides updated information on more nuanced topics, such as Advanced Asset Protection Strategies and Tax Planning Strategies.

  9. Access to over 5,500 charities, with an evaluation of their efficiency and their financial health, so that you can hone in on your vision for how you want to give back and change the world.

  10. The Membership Registration fee is just $9,997. Other “gurus” charge from $25,000 to $60,000 for their “Inner Circle” and “Platinum Coaching” programs. Compared to that, we are grossly underpriced. The biggest difference, however, is that with us you get results, not just hot air.

There is NO EXCUSE for not taking action.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with your Membership in our Mastermind Group at The Financial Freedom Foundation, then we will refund your money promptly. No questions asked.

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