F3 Global Project Incubation Platform

The Financial Freedom Foundation (F3) is a visionary non-profit organization that aims to serve the needs of investor partners while funding humanitarian projects around the world. Through the Global Project Incubation Platform we match high net worth individuals and sustainable humanitarian projects in such a way that investors can reap great returns while helping others to make a difference. F3 redefines philanthropy with this introduction of Investor Philanthropy, making philanthropy profitable and infinitely sustainable.

The end goal is to end hunger, homelessness, and poverty in its many forms, by unlocking wealth creation at the bottom of the economic pyramid and the exponential expansion of the economic pie in such a way that those who are currently economically marginalized can become a new thriving middle class. The creation of new producers and new consumers will not cause global inflation, but rather will cause a new wave of global economic prosperity fueled by low-tech and high-tech innovation and job creation by micro-entrepreneurs.

Through the humanitarian projects, we aim to create robust self-sustaining local communities and local economies, so that societies can have the reserves necessary to be able to weather the storms, so to speak, making our societal systems less fragile.

When it comes to the humanitarian projects F3 provides, it’s all boils down to centralization vs de-centralization… moving away from a fragile system of centralized power over others, monopolistic behavior where wealth is only accrued at the top, and instead moving towards a system of de-centralization, with robust local entrepreneurship and self-reliance, where the masses create the wealth and get to keep and re-invest the wealth that they create in whatever manner they see fit. For the economic nerds, we are basically eschewing the cartel capitalism promoted by the Keynesian model of economics and are instead promoting the true private free enterprise of the Classical model of economics which causes robust economic growth and expands the economic pie in the hands of the masses.

Thus, the Global Project Incubation Platform is the perfect match to savvy investors who want to make a great return and make a difference.

Funding Projects

Investors can partner with the F3 Foundation to get handsomely rewarded while funding game-changing humanitarian projects that solve massive social problems at their root cause. They key is managed buy/sell programs that involve riskless arbitrage and come with a project-funding requirement. Projects are funded with a portion of the trading profits, and the investor keeps the rest. The preferred participation amount is $100 million. The minimum participation amount is currently $5 million. The net returns to the investor philanthropist can be double-digit returns.

These types of trade programs are being used all around us to fuel the greed of others. We and others around the Globe have decided to take the power back and use these types of programs to benefit and enrich the lives of others. You see, the ultimate purpose of life boils down to one thing… how much time we spend on this planet enriching the lives of others … because by helping others we ultimately help ourselves. In the end, it’s not how many deals you do or how much money you make, but it’s about how many lives you can impact and enrich while making great deals with great returns. The goal is to maximize the use of investment capital and philanthropic funds to create a permanent hand-up instead of just a temporary hand-out, on a massive scale.



Don’t take our word for it. Savvy investors know that there exists a world within the upper echelons of the financial world where high returns are made on a daily basis. Smart investors do their research. For your convenience, when you get the time, please visit the link below:

Here’s How Trading Revenues at the Country’s Largest Banks Stack Up

According to Nasdaq.com, in their analysis of the trading activities and debt trading operations of the Top 5 banks in the US (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanely, Bank Of America, and Citigroup), those banks bring in around $20 Billion in revenues through their trading operations EACH QUARTER.

Wow, did you see that number? That means that out of all the activities that these top banks are involved in, trading operations account for over half of their quarterly and annual revenue.

Are you getting the picture yet?

The F3 Global Project Incubation Platform is a mechanism for YOU to participate in these types of returns while making a profound impact on the world around you.

The Financial Freedom Foundation (F3) trains people how to incubate high-impact humanitarian projects. The core categories come from Matthew 25: 31-46

  • Feeding the hungry
  • Water for the thirsty
  • Shelter for the homeless
  • Clothing the naked
  • Administering relief to the sick and afflicted
  • Liberating the captive (financially captive, legally captive, and physically captive)

Managed Buy/Sell Programs

F3 provides a mechanism for wealthy individuals to find fulfillment in the above mentioned areas by partnering with people going through the F3 Mastermind Group project incubation system.

F3 helps you accomplish this through the marriage of

1) managed buy/sell bank trade programs that have a project funding requirement, and
2) high-impact humanitarian projects that you can fund using the “project” portion of your trading profits.

Manged buy/sell programs are private and by invitation only. They cannot be offered by retail investment professionals. Therefore, most investors and investment advisers have no clue that they exist, and for those who have heard about them, it is very difficult to get accurate, verifiable, reliable information. For an overview of how a managed buy/sell program works, please reference the first video at the top right-hand side of this page. For a brief written summary, click here. For those interested in much more detail, we have irrefutable proof that these bank trade programs do exist, that governments do know about them, exactly how the returns are generated, and what type of returns are typical. We are happy to share this with you if you contact us.

At a certain level, managed buy/sell bank trade programs will have a project funding requirement, whereby 80% of the profits must go towards a project that creates jobs, and it is the investor’s responsibility to bring that project to the table. F3 can both connect you with the bank trader and provide you with a project to bring to the trader, so that you can meet that requirement for participating in the managed buy/sell program without having to go through the effort of incubating and running the humanitarian project yourself. The best part is, we do it all for you.

Investor Philanthropy

Your funding for these projects can be in the form of a grant, a loan, or equity financing, its up to you. The project can be structured as a non-profit or for-profit. Projects incubated by members of the F3 Mastermind Group are designed to become self-funding after a period of time, so this form of investor philanthropy leads to a permanent hand-up instead of just a temporary hand-out.

We use the term “Investor Philanthropy” because the investor keeps 20% of the profits generated by the trading, and 80% of the profits go towards the project. Even with this split, the investor can experience double-digit annual returns for themselves while providing funding for these humanitarian projects, because at the end of the trade program, the investor still has all of their original investment principal, plus their profits, making this a true win-win situation.

Members of the F3 Mastermind Group create a continuous flow of projects that create jobs and help solve society’s problems at their root causes. As an Investor Philanthropist and a participant in our Global Project Incubation Platform, you can partner with F3 to use your trading profits to fund projects, either projects that you’ve designed or projects that people in the F3 Mastermind Group have created. F3 projects are modular and can be scaled up very rapidly. The second video at the top right-hand side of this page shows the basic project template that F3 members use.

Together we can make the world a better place. If you are interested and would like more details, please email investorphilanthropy@f3mastermind.com