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Question by alistair: Society is devoted to “enslaving” intelligent people?
There are men and women who spend their entire lives as a sort of a sacrifice to encourage the greatest feasible future for their nation or even humanity-at-large, with a sort of wider, probably even almost an all-encompassing sense of identity.

There are other individuals who spend their entire lives sort of committed to their own satisfaction, not caring what anybody thinks, and even sort of “mooching” as considerably as they can have, with a a lot more smaller and immediate sense of identity, that avoids undertaking overtly charitable acts as “providing back to the community,” unless required.

So making use of a somewhat Nietzschean “master-slave” dialectic, isn’t the initial category the “slaves” and the second “the masters” in the sense of the inherent advantages to oneself that they are pursuing? And does this not add to the frequent reputation of an intellectual’s inability to do things in True LIFE, not some useless abstract plane, even additional, by conditioning the intellectual to believe in a “slavish” self-sacrificing manner in accordance with the initial category, and crippling their a lot more “masculine” dominating skills?

The commoners are not subjected to such rigorous self-sacrificing standards.
+This is based on intention. We argue forever about what is “very good” and “poor”, but the intention is entirely a different matter.
+This argument is realistically intention-based, not something else, so does not endure as a lot from the perspectival indeterminability of what is excellent or not existentially.
+”It requires all kinds to make a planet.” No, it does not. It takes certain types to make a world, not to say universally there is a certainty at what those kinds are, but it does not take all kinds. We reside in a globe which I presume exists, not some postmodern, all truths are equal, Orwellian denial of reality.
A paraphrase: In philosophy and politics 2+2 may possibly equal 5, but in building technologies with math and science, it has to equal four.

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Answer by Don H
It takes all types to make a planet.

It appears to make sense to categorize individuals and attempt to find god ones and bad ones but these are just illusions that we develop.

They are all good people just doing the very best than can to get by. Who is to say that the a single group is smarter than the other?

I can see a excellent argument for the so-known as lazy moochers to be the sensible ones simply because they get by with the least effort.

Love and blessings Don

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Question by : Any Sponsors For “People To Folks”?
I am a junior and i want to attend to a program named “individuals to men and women” which it takes spot in ireland. I genuinely want to go, however i don’t afford the tuition of 6,500$ and i was wondering if there is a possibility i can get a scholarships, or sponsor for this program which im really certain it will aid me in my academics, my future and my perspective of life.
Im an A.P. Student and im involved in a lot of applications which will aid me in my future. For instance, im in a dual class in operating systems, and i go to a community colege. Is there a opportunity for me to go there with a small assist of somebody?

Very best answer:

Answer by Imani Brown
i doubt it

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Query by country first: what does “squeeze out” mean in this sentence ?
“In an era exactly where firms had been measured on each penny of profit that they managed to SQUEEZE OUT ,Ben and Jerry had a powerful belief that business ought to give back to the community.”

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Answer by Pixie13
It sounds like it indicates that they wanted and had been judged by each and every cent that they could get from clients… squeeze out implies “get”.

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Query by gws35: So how much did Iraq “give back” to the USA to thank us for giving them all this?


Iraq says it really is independent as US ends combat
“Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said the end of American combat operations Tuesday leaves his nation independent and an equal to the United States and he assured his individuals their personal safety forces will protect them.

“Iraq nowadays is sovereign and independent,” al-Maliki added, calling Aug. 31 an “immortal day.”

So how much has oil-wealthy Iraq kicked in to the U.S. Treasury to repay us for the expense of putting this “sovereign and independent” government into power?

Or did Steve Urkel just walk away leave funds on the table?

Very best answer:

The oil income will start kicking in soon.

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Query by idontknow: Do you agree that this may be the greatest statement on racism ever?
A nation that as soon as prided itself on a sense of rugged individualism has become uncomfortably obsessed with racial group identities.

The collectivist mindset is at the heart of racism.

Government as an institution is especially ill-suited to combat bigotry. Bigotry at its essence is a issue of the heart, and we can not alter people’s hearts by passing far more laws and regulations.

It is the federal government that most divides us by race, class, religion, and gender. By means of its taxes, restrictive regulations, corporate subsidies, racial set-asides, and welfare applications, government plays far also significant a role in determining who succeeds and who fails. Government “benevolence” crowds out genuine goodwill by institutionalizing group thinking, hence making every group suspicious that other people are receiving far more of the government loot. This leads to resentment and hostility amongst us.

Racism is simply an ugly type of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than as individuals. Racists believe that all folks who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists feel only in terms of groups. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-named “diversity” actually perpetuate racism.

The true antidote to racism is liberty. Liberty means obtaining a limited, constitutional government devoted to the protection of person rights rather than group claims. Liberty signifies free of charge-market place capitalism, which rewards individual achievement and competence – not skin color, gender, or ethnicity.

In a free of charge society, every single citizen gains a sense of himself as an individual, rather than establishing a group or victim mentality. This leads to a sense of person responsibility and individual pride, generating skin color irrelevant. Racism will endure till we stop thinking in terms of groups and start thinking in terms of person liberty.

Best answer:

Answer by All Names Are Taken
Racism is not the only point that plagues America. The guy who mentioned this or wrote this forgot to include Homophobia, Anti-Semitism, and Sexism. However, nevertheless, these 3 are much more “acceptable” in this nation.

Ah, and I get thumbs down. See? LOL!

I am curious where Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are when Jews get openly blasted in the media? Or, what about hte continuous mockery and harrassment of Gays? Or, about females making much less then males in the work spot?

Hatred and bigotry seems to be very “segregrated” and individuals compete to see who’s had it worse.

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Query by erewa u: would colleges be a lot more impressed with “People to People” or “National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine”?
I don’t know which summer season program colleges would be a lot more impressed with. Please help!!

Very best answer:

Answer by EL
Now I’ve in no way heard of these, but just from the titles, National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine sounds way far more impressive. Great words: national, leadership and medicine.

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Question by MRF: Because he’s currently spent “our income”, whose income is Bush truly “giving back” to us?

Greatest answer:

Answer by bushdeathgrip
the elevated amount you’ll spend in taxes next year simply because of this tax examine……wrap you head around that a single

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Query by Travis Anderson: How does this theory make sense when in the context of sociology?
“Finish welfare, let charities do the operate.”

How does this account for the Bystander Impact?


What percentage of individuals can be counted on to give to charity-and can this ever be enough to fund these applications?

Bob feels that Carl (who makes far more income than Bob) can donate considerably a lot more money, so Bob does not donate. What Bob does not know is that Carl is also in deep debt, and Carl in return believes Bob wastes as well much of his cash and really should be the a single to donate. Because donations are voluntary, the bystander impact may properly likely kick in, with both of them hesitant to donate.

An additional situation is the stereotype of the lazy welfare recipient. Whilst these men and women do in reality exist, most on welfare recipients genuinely want assist in a poor situation. The result of which is several begrudgingly spend their taxes only because they are legally obligated as well. They try to act as even though they would donate to charity a adequate quantity to do their element, when in reality they would quite likely just really feel that they-

1. Don’t make enough cash to donate.

two. Are not obligated to donate with so many wealthy men and women able to do so.

three. Don’t owe anything to “lazy people” (using the stereotype as a generalization).

four. Give to other charities they might think about a lot more noble.

So with these points in mind, how can it be realistically stated that charity can deal with the burden of the government removes it’s hand?

Finest answer:

Answer by Miss Kitty
You want to pay a visit to some charities sometime. Private charities assist a lot more than any government plan can.

Take into account this:

If individuals believe the government is taking care of the needy, then they are less likely to give.


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Query by Capt. Willard: How will you “give back” to your community on Make A Distinction Day ?

Some close friends and I will be helping to clean trash off of our preferred beach.
RJC …that is far more of a legal obligation

Greatest answer:

Answer by RJC
The very same I do daily….spend my personnel.

Are you saying I legally have to run a enterprise or that I legally have to hire employee’s?

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Question by Tom w: does somebody know their history?
what was the Roanoke colony? what was the Massachusettes bay Firm? what did it do? what was “a modell for christian charity”? who wrote? what had been the virginia and kentuck resolutions? what did they do?

Greatest answer:

Answer by Yun
Roanoke was the initial British colony in present-day America. The Colony disappeared.

The Massachusetts Bay Company owned rights to settle in the Massachusetts Bay Location.

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