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A lot of people are actively looking for a lucrative residual income business opportunity, but they make critical mistakes. Here’s how you avoid those costly errors. The 3 key main characteristics to consider are:

  1. the amount of monthly income generated
  2. the amount of resources involved in creating that stream of residual income
  3. the duration of the income, including whether or not the amount of income increases or decreases over time

Most people make the error of, first, being introduced to a company and then, second, trying to see if it is a good residual income business opportunity. They fall into the proverbial trap of not being able to see the forest for the trees. They find the tree first, without knowing what kind of forest it is in. A better approach is to identify the ideal forest first, and then look for the best tree in that forest, second.  Giant Sequoias are much much taller than pine trees, but you wouldn’t see that if you only look in pine forests.

The kind of forest to look in for the absolute best residual income business opportunity is NOT that of the employee or the self employed. This includes work from home businesses. In addition, some people think that network marketing is a good forest to look in, but there is so much competition in network marketing, both in selling products and in recruiting a downline, that the return on your efforts is almost guaranteed to be low. That is how micro-economics works: high competition = low margins of return. If you are looking for the absolute best residual income business opportunity, the proper forest to look in is that of the investor.

As an investor, you are able to leverage other people’s time and other people’s money, while retaining control. You don’t have to sell any products or services in the midst of fierce competition.  The amount of income created is directly related to the rate of return you are able to generate.  You can even hire high-performing professional traders to do the active investing for you, on a pay for performance basis, so that you don’t have learn how to become a full-time trader yourself.  The amount of personal resources involved can be minimal, especially if you are using other people’s money. The most valuable resource is specialized knowledge, which can be learned, from the right source.  And the duration of income can be multi-generational, recession proof, and increasing every year, due to the power of compounding returns.

One excellent, yet relatively unknown source for gaining the specialized knowledge, and careful guidance on how to apply it correctly, is The Financial Freedom Foundation.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to showing people how to become financially independent.  With the resources we provide, you can grow your own field of Giant Sequoia sized money trees with $100 dollar bills coming off of each branch, for you to use at your convenience.  We’ll show you how to create up to $100K residual income within 12 months, and give you the knowledge of how to grow that to over $1M per year, within 5 to 10 years… all this using other people’s time, talents, and money.  That is the absolute best residual income business opportunity around.  We even have a FREE REPORT that you can download from their website, to get an inside peek as to how you can do it on your own.  To access this information, visit our Home Page at TheFinancialFreedomFoundation.org/home .