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Question by Green Pagan 4.: Have Christian Charities done more harm than good in Haiti and Jamaica (see details)?
Jamaican Homophobia becomes worse than Iran with state-sponsored crack-downs and murderers let cost-free. Christian “charities” offer legal aid to the vigilante killers. Time Magazine calls Jamaica “The Most Homophobic Place on Earth”:

HIV continues to skyrocket in Haiti because the locals have been taught that only “gay man have disease”… 1 in three black males in Haiti have the HIV virus. Many do not seek therapy out of worry of persecution:

Christian Recording Artists try to industry Homophobia to American listeners beneath the label “Reggae”:

Rapper Gets To Perform in LA after escaping charges for beating up a homosexual in Jamaica:

In spite of profitable tourism, Islands live in poverty:

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Answer by roccopaperiello
Christianity has persecuted homosexuals and condoned slavery since the time of Christ.

They lastly decided slavery was immoral in the 1800s.

When will they stop hating gays?
Also wondered: You stated: “Christian “charities” provide legal aid to the vigilante killers. “

Could you supply a source for this?

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Question by Dead Marxist: Is Socialist Medicine actually a “very good idea” seeing as how the UK’s is on the brink of collapse?
Thursday October 11, 2007

Particular care infant units in Britain are “near breaking point”, with some babies getting turned away due to the fact they can’t guarantee sufficient care, a charity has warned.

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Answer by koalatcomics
it is unless your the one particular paying for it. the dilemma is liberal extremists by no means comprehend that and most of us are the ones paying for it.

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Question by chessbusiness: Exactly where is the very best location on the Web to appear for “Chess Grants and Chess Foundations”?

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Answer by Dino Myte
Attempt the United States Chess Federation


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Question by Kitteh Smasher: Is this a great thesis statement?
“Sustainable style is a excellent, eco-friendly and price effective option to traditional housing”
Thanks, that was really valuable!

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Answer by jimmer jammer

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(PRWEB) July 8, 2010

Coutts &amp Co has declared the start of a new Social Enterprise Advisory Services – the initial at any time to be provided in the Uk – which is aimed at encouraging and assisting a lot of of its twenty,000 effective entrepreneurial customers to produce enterprises that give something back again to the group. Social enterprises are a vibrant and various group of organisations which typically reinvest the bulk of their revenue back into a social function. Some of the best acknowledged incorporate the Eden Undertaking, the Big Concern, Jamie Oliver?s Fifteen and Fairtrade organization Divine Chocolate.


The advisory services brings together a panel of major independent experts from within the sector, including the College for Social Entrepreneurs, ClearlySo and UnLtd, who together, will target on advising clients on the very best way to navigate the diverse social enterprise sector to locate opportunities to fit them. This incorporates facilitating mentoring possibilities and advisory roles, offering access to company angel expense options and creating grants and donations


In addition to the advisory services, Coutts will be internet hosting a collection of educational days for clientele and ?velocity-networking? activities at which likely traders will have the possibility to meet social enterprises requiring investment funding. A information to Social Enterprise, which has guidelines on structuring, discovering funding, finding involved and measuring effect has also been launched by the non-public bank in association with the Social Enterprise Coalition and is offered for obtain at http://www.coutts.com/entrepreneurs.


Andrew Haigh, Head of Entrepreneur Consumer Group at Coutts commented: ?This is an exhilarating time with Social Enterprise providing a new and increasingly crucial dimension to philanthropy in the United kingdom. With the notion of “supplying one thing back” a frequent component of lifestyle preparing for many successful entrepreneurs, this offers a fantastic opportunity for them to use the abilities that have pushed their own achievement for the advantage of other folks. By means of the provider we have released Coutts is ready to deliver them jointly in a way that is satisfying to them and hopefully present enduring benefit to us all.?


The support will be delivered by 3 panel members:&#13