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gI nextgiantleap.png Chris Pavlovski Selected as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010 Finalist
Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 26, 2010

Chris Pavlovski, Director of Advertising for Subsequent Giant Leap, LLC, has been selected as a finalist for Ernst &amp Young?s Entrepreneur Of The Year 2010 award. In addition, Chris is the acting CEO of Jolted Media Group, 1 of the largest online media firms, identified for representing the flagship property Jokeroo.com. By means of the good results of his web startup, Ernst &amp Young has selected him as a finalist in the Young Entrepreneur category, for persons under 30.

?Creating and succeeding in my on the internet company has been a thrill, but landing our hopper on the moon with Next Giant Leap would fulfill dreams,? says Chris Pavlovski. ?Helping humanity construct a foundation of expertise is the mark that we only dream of below taking in our careers. NGL puts me in the position to finally reach for the stars.?

“Chris Pavlovski’s innovation and drive to create 1 of the largest online media companies impressed the judges of this year’s Ernst &amp Young Entrepreneur Of The Year program,” said Colleen McMorrow, National Director of the Ernst &amp Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards. “The Young Entrepreneur category is genuinely critical, as it offers inspiration to other budding Canadian entrepreneurs and further acknowledges the impact they have on the company community. Chris has significantly demonstrated his ambition and company savvy by capitalizing on each his expertise and skills.”

Subsequent Giant Leap congratulates Chris for this achievement, and wishes him the ideal all through the ongoing selection procedure.

Ernst &amp Young Entrepreneur Of The Year is sponsored nationally by Global Television, National Post, La Presse and RD


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Question by Eurippathese: Really should American Young Earth Creationists publicly repudiate the more infamous “crackpots” amongst their ranks…?
…..so that YEC Christians in general will not be judged by the far more outrageous scammers, frauds (such as convicted criminals), and embarrassments who tend to get the most attention?



For example, convicted federal prison inmate Kent Hovind, continues to disgrace the YEC camp not only by means of his son’s assistance in operating his “ministry” from prison, audio tapes of their prison telephone calls (which are public details by law) have become extra indictments of “Christian ministries” and how they operate behind the scenes. Hovind and other phony diploma mill “PhD’s” just reaffirm what numerous Christian-bashers already presumed about Christians in common. So is not it time that Christians obey the scriptures and the Apostle Paul as to “The man of God judges all things.” and let the globe know that not all who use the name of Jesus truly know him and obey him?

And did the “science” of the late Henry Morris do anything to advance the Kingdom? Does the silence of Christians who truly KNOW the science associated with YEC topics advance the Kingdom? And what of the several “Christian entrepreneurs” who have ultimately splintered off new ministries from the old ones so as to earn their own fortunes in the YEC industry? Have science-illiterates such as Ken Ham advanced the Kingdom by “Lying for Jesus” in claiming “there is completely NO scientific evidence for the theory of evolution” and “No transitional form fossils exist”? How about “scientists are abandoning the theory of evolution in droves!”? Is it really a “theory in crisis”?

So shouldn’t Bible-believing Christians obey the scriptures and stand up for TRUTH? Really should they denounce liars and fraudsters? Or seem to support them? WHY OR WHY NOT?

Ideal answer:

Answer by Yaks Eat Cereal (Genuine)
I refudiate your calumnyness.

Know much better? Leave your own answer in the comments!